Battery Replacements

Tired of running into this?

No one is purposely slowing down your phone. By design, lithium-ion batteries go bad. Some manufacturers subside a lesser performing, or old, battery by detecting its current health, and appropriately throttling the performance of the device.

Can I regain the performance and speed my phone once had?

Yes! The majority of phones will be smart enough to detect a new battery and disable performance throttling to get back that speed you once had.

Find out if its time to replace your iPhone or Android battery

Navigate to your settings and find the “Battery” option near the middle of the page.


In this screen you will find suggestions on how to improve your battery life. Simply tapping these suggestions will take you to where the changes can be applied.

If you have no suggestions, you can jump right into the statistics of where your battery life is actually going. This section will show you each application that is the culprit of battery consumption.

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Battery Health

If your iPhone has the new software update (iOS 11.4 or later) you may see another section that states “Battery Health”

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This section is meant to give further insight into how “healthy” your battery is by indicating a percentage of health.

With anything below 90% the user should notice a significant difference in battery life, and how the device charges. The phone may even randomly turn off without notice. This percentage indicator is not  completely accurate! A battery reading at 95-100% capacity may actually be severely degraded in health.

In the end, it is up to you!

Unfortunately, these statistics and indicators can not be 100% accurate. If you have made the suggested changes to your settings and the battery is still not performing how it once did, it is very likely time for a new battery!

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