Best Prices For IT Consulting Services in Rockwall

The Best Pricing For IT Consulting Services in Rockwall

There are a number of ways to equitably set the pricing for managed network services. Obviously three things at minimum must happen when setting a price for out sourced IT system services:

  1. You need a competitive price at a reasonable schedule with assurance you get what you pay for.
  2. AWT Support needs a price that covers costs to provide and a profit to remain in business with a reputation that we deliver more than we’re ever paid to do.
  3. We both need to agreed at a price that keeps both of us in business.

Specific pricing takes shape in at least five ways with regard to IT consultative services:

  • Maintenance only
  • Contracted devices specifically
  • Individual service functionality (or user specific)
  • Stage by stage or Tier services
  • Comprehensive by system or entire network

Maintenance Only

It is possible your business network system is just to your liking and needs no updating or provisioning. This is most often the case when an outside vendor has provided a turnkey system and you wisely want an onsite or neighborhood maintenance provider. It is also commonly thought to be an initial relationship builder that may or may not lead into a more trusted and deeper service level over time. Essentially this level of service provides the minimum price line and is set according to the functionality to be maintained.

Considerations would include the determination of a need for operating system applications and software patch or integration updates; security management with antispam and antivirus upgrades, disc or server optimization, and repository backup scheduling and archival operations. The maintenance pricing gives itself to a regular monthly schedule and a fixed amount of cost.

The Maintenance Only agreement can be enhanced with attention to incident resolution or more advanced information technology installations and integrations. Consultations and design are often an additional service level that may come into view with a maintenance only relationship.

Contracted Device(s)

The per-device pricing model is not uncommon when a business information system gains or appends to its traditional network a new functionality through IT operations. For instance, when a company decides to bring in-house services that were previously hired out, like accounting system services or facilities maintenance.

It is not unusual for a flat fee to be accessed to each device operable in the business environment. A fee per device is set and the number of that specific device is agreed upon at that price. If you have 4 servers, a specific server price would be charged for each of those servers. The same is true for a specific model of printer (or a different price may be set for a more complex model); or model of a desktop unit or tablet, cell phone, or other connected device.

This pricing model allows precise planning for both the on-going use of current devices with a varying schedule for attention from month to month; or for the adoption of new devices coming online and into the business technology network one-at-a-time or in mass installation.

The caution to this model is the tendency to be focused too much on the price and per device alone and not enough sense of integration and practical benefit the business services will achieve.

Individual Service Functionality (or Specific User)

This model when used for pricing is a flat fee agreed upon based on the service area or operation; or, based on the specific user role. For instance, an accounting service area may have peculiar IT needs not also required by any other service area. An Individual Service Functionality pricing model would respect what is uniquely needed for that service and an agreed upon price can be fitted to it.

When this model is applied to a specific user, it primarily is focused on the functional tasks assigned to that user’s role. An example would be a consistent set of operability unique to an employee that works from home or one that travels to onsite assignments. The variety of tools could be an office PC and/or office phone; a laptop or home PC; a tablet or ipad; a smartphone or home phone; connectivity issues at hotels/airports or home.

This pricing model would include the type of tools, software, security and privacy issues unique to each set of functions and the role occupied.

Stage by Stage or Tiered Service

This model works best when there is a great variety of sophisticated tools or significant levels of user experience. In most cases the needs are arranged in bundled packages inclusive of specific tools and operations, each grouping of services arranged from the most minimal and simple to the most comprehensive and complex. Of course, the fixed price would graduate as the packages would increase, with less services and functionality costing less and the more expensive accordingly at the higher side of things.

Often these are deliberately composed in terms like bronze, silver, platinum or another such progression common to our references. This cloaks the packages in something other than organizational position which if helpful when you realize that many lower paid, lower ranked positions need the same functionality as higher positions (often lower positions have greater needs than higher ones).

Bronze might contain remote support, patch updates, security protocols (antivirus, adware) and smartphone/laptop connectivity; Silver might require on-site scheduled maintenance and orientation tutorials; Gold may require comprehensive remote services and full integration to business home office.


The most comprehensive pricing model usually provides 24/7/365 support and/or scheduled services during certain hours and/or days of the month. Bench work (extensive hardware repair), remote connectivity, organization wide care and monitoring are all considerations for this IT service provider pricing.

The convenience is the certainty of who is responsible for what (no need to try to integrate vendors or service providers…it’s all in one set of hands). This provides a price certain from month to month. This assures full integration of all information technology network systems.

We Work With You To Assure Your Best Price For Rockwall IT Services and Consulting

Regardless of the general pricing models here, AWT Support wants to be your Rockwall IT Network Services Provider. Give us a call and let’s build what you need at the price that is fair to both of us and beats all the competition. Call us at 972.771.2255