IT/Network Consulting

  • Business Network Design / Installation – A wired or wireless LAN, or Local Area Network, connects your company’s computers and allows them to share resources such as data, files and printers. If your office has multiple computers, you can gain tremendous benefit by networking them. We’ll design and construct the perfect network for you, and put your business into high gear.
  • Network Troubleshooting / Support / Repair – Are you having problems with your existing network? If your network is down or not functioning properly, it is difficult for your employees to be productive, which costs your business time and money. We’ll come to your office to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problems ailing your network. Let us get your business back on track!
  • Wireless Network Security – How safe is your wireless network? The default installation for most wireless networks does not include proper security. So unless you have taken deliberate steps to implement security, more than likely your network is at risk. We’ll come to your home and lock down your network, so you can keep unwanted hackers and other pesky intruders out by restricting access to only the computers of your choice.
  • Technology Planning – If you want to implement technology into your current business practices, but don’t know the best course of action, we will sit down with you to determine and document specific ways you can leverage technology in your business.
  • Data Network Wiring, Installation & Termination – Whether you need just one wire dropped or entire network cabling job…no job is too small. Let our technicians handle all of your cabling needs. All of our installs are properly tested and terminated.