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Let us eliminate the heavy lifting of technology solutions in your organization.
Our practices focus on security, efficiency, and affordability. Enjoy the peace of mind that your organization’s infrastructure is safe, reliable, and not breaking the bank.


Anyone can submit a support request. No need for a subscription, deposit, or even a formal business. Thinking of starting your business? IT planning is a critical part of measuring workflow efficiency, not to mention budget. Call AWT to assist with the best advice and options to grow your new or existing organization’s IT Infrastructure.


We are the Technology Solutions Provider.

Do you have technology? Do you need solutions for your technology? Call AWT.


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Subscription Services

For your turn-key solutions

Key Benefits

Health Monitoring & Response

Daily monitoring of assets with reporting on health statuses and alerts upon discovery of system errors and general failures. Receive preferred available technician dispatch times moments after issues are logged.

Advanced Threat Protection

Daily monitoring of virus protection with threat and infection reporting. Ensure computer assets stay safe with anti-malware, anti-exploit, and anti-ransomware defenses in place.

Easy Maintenance Schedules

Regularly scheduled maintenance preserves system performance and allows end users to maintain productivity and revenue-positive focuses.

Automatic System & Software Patches

Mitigate vulnerabilities and error potential by updating applications and entire systems in moderation under expert control.

Scalable Backup & Remediation

Ensure file backups are running on a regular basis and issues are promptly reported with remediation suggestions at the ready. Custom backup policies allow for ever-expandable storage capacity and file revisions.

After-hours Support

Schedule tickets to be tended to after hours. Technicians work around the clock to help keep your systems reliable and secure.

Self-service TeamViewer Remote Access

Remotely access your computers from anywhere in the world powered by TeamViewer.

Quick Support

Submit a support request straight from your desktop with our Quick Support form. Receive prioritized support from a technician.

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A subscription is not required to submit a support request. Click here for help.

Bringing balance to end-user and workstation performance

Businesses demand minimum downtime in the event of breaches, but more importantly they can not afford the ramifications that come from failing to have the proper recovery measures in place.

Here’s how AWT Support RMM Services prevent issues before they happen and simplify remediation procedures:

Black Box Recorder

Just like a flight recorder, our logging
system ceases only when the power
goes out. Get notified on issues big,
small, or anywhere in between.
careful and experienced analysts are
able to detect potential problems
before they arise and take action with
plenty of time to spare.

File Safe

Uninterrupted file backups exceed
HIPPA compliance standards for
healthcare industries to ensure your
data is secured and verifiably safe with
regular reports. Expandable backup allotments leave room for all the file
revisions needed for peace of mind.

Ransomware Recovery
& Remediation

Preemptively identifying issues allows
for quick and seamless rollbacks to
healthy file states, minimizing
downtime from threats to keep
efficiency rolling. Recover from an
hour, day, week, or several months in
the past worth of file history. Prevent
data loss from human errors, criminals
or rogue employees.



Constant reports on system & anti-virus performance


Technicians promptly recognize potential issues


Investigation of issues & solutions formed


Priority response times for on-site or remote support


Quick fixes from technicians who know your systems


Take action to mitigate future risks

Backups are no joke

Don’t treat them like one

Serious Performance

Our cloud network allows for a smooth backup experience that won’t hinder performance for the end user.

Serious Reliability

Backups fail all the time. We investigate and remediate every failure to ensure your critical files keep backing up day after day.

Serious Retention

Full customization over your retention policies. Need a file from a year ago? 30 versions ago? What about that file deleted 6 months ago?
We got it.


We backup more data than 100 elephants consume in a lifetime.
(Updated March 2021)

Customer Testimonials

Based on 152 reviews.
Zach Bawcum
Zach Bawcum
November 21, 2021.
Fixed one of my phone within 30 minutes and it works great!
Amy Hopkins
Amy Hopkins
November 11, 2021.
I will definitely recommend AWT. They were very friendly and repaired my phone quickly.
A&D Bryant
A&D Bryant
November 11, 2021.
Hi my name is Sport. Found these guys on Google. Took my son's xbox there and within a couple hours they diagnosed it and were very honest about. They got his game out and told me the xbox wasn't worth trying to repair. Asked them what I owed and they said nothing! They were sorry they couldn't fix it. Very honest these days! If I could give them 10 stars i would. Customer for life now.
Dewayne Irwin
Dewayne Irwin
November 10, 2021.
Very helpful and fast service Saved me from having to replace my phone
Rose Suther
Rose Suther
November 5, 2021.
Great place. Always professional, courteous and always so helpful for someone that isn't technology savvy.
Mike Alberto
Mike Alberto
November 4, 2021.
Awesome service !! Very fast I recommend 100%

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Commitments

Our subscription services are all month-to-month, with no contracts. We strive to improve the IT infrastructure of both our customers and ourselves each and every day.

Expert Support Around the Clock

We minimize downtime by performing maintenance during predefined times after business hours.
Submit a ticket in the evening, have it resolved by morning.