eBay Concierge Service

Our Ebay Concierge services make it easy for you to sell your unwanted electronics and technology items on Ebay, so whether you’re moving house, having a clear-out, or just don’t have the time, AWT’s eBay Concierge Services can help.

The Ebay service aims to make your life easier and offers all of the following :

·       Market appraisal of items prior to auction
·       Storage of items
·       Ebay listing and item description (including listing fees)
·       Digital photographs
·       Responding to questions and queries from buyers
·       Payment of selling Fees
·       Financial transactions with buyers including Paypal payment fees
·       Packaging materials e.g boxes, tape, bubble wrap
·       Item packaging
·       Posting service
·       Postal charges
·       Regular communication with the seller.

How Does it Work?

1)    AWT Concierge Services will collect the item and discuss with you any key points you would like including in your listing.

2)    Your item will then be photographed and listed on EBay (normally within 7 days)

3)    Once your item is listed, if you would like, you will be sent a link to the Ebay auction so you can watch it.

4)    After the auction has finished and the item is sold, payment will be collected from the buyer and the product wrapped and posted.

5)    Once the payment is cleared through the Ebay account, you will be sent your payment (usually within 14 days after receiving cleared funds)

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