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Charging Port Repair

Charging Ports Fail Too

Charging Port Repair

Charging ports on smartphones, tablets, and laptops are prone to failure for various reasons.

Symptoms of a bad charging port include:

  • Charging cable will not insert fully into the device’s port
  • Cable is loose or comes out easily
  • Charging starts/stops randomly or when the cable moves
  • Device is not charging at all
  • Device can not be recognized by a computer (if supported)
  • Port is visibly damaged


How do charging ports fail?

Damaged Charging Cables

Continuing to use a damaged charging cable can cause electrical shock to your device. Long-term damage can slowly add up from improper power flow from the power source, eventually leading to power circuit failure.


Dirty or Clogged Port

Dust, debris, and pocket lint will fill your charging port making it difficult for the cable to insert fully and make the necessary contact to initiate a charge. Inspect the port to check for dirt or other foreign objects.

Poor Quality Chargers

Faulty power adapters can go unnoticed as they deliver unregulated power flow to your electronics.

Troubleshooting a Bad Charging Port

Take these steps to see if you have a bad charging port:

    1. Inspect the port for visible damage
    2. Check if the cable is fully inserting into the device’s charging port
    3. Reboot the device (power it off and back on)
    4. Try a different charging cable, power block, and power outlet
    5. Plug the device into a computer to see if they communicate

If all of these steps result in the same problem, you may have a bad charging port.


Getting it Fixed

Bring your device to AWT for prompt and affordable service on its charging port.
Many common devices can have their charging ports serviced on the same day.

Mail-in repair services are also available.
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Laptop Charging Port Repair

The DC Jack on a laptop is highly susceptible to damage through prolonged use. Each time the charger is plugged in and removed two things occur: The plastic & metal gets slightly worn down/bent, and the charging circuit is activated/deactivated. The charging circuit is a dedicated portion of the device’s motherboard that can become inoperable after so long.

Many third parties are quick to diagnose an extreme motherboard failure when a laptop is no longer charging, but less than 20% of charging issues are due to logic circuit failure. Logic circuit failure typically results in high costs for repairs or buying a new laptop.

AWT can reliably diagnose charging port or circuit failure on your device to ensure money isn’t wasted on a new laptop.

Our mission is to help get the absolute most out of your electronics and provide all the cost-effective services necessary to prolong the lifespan of technology.

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