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Reasons why your computer may be running at a snail’s pace…



Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Your HDD might be failing if your boot-up time takes more than 40 seconds to load your desktop. The life expectancy of an HDD is 3-5 years!


Upgrading your HDD to a Solid State Drive will shorten your boot-up time to 10-15 seconds, and will last you 10+ years.

Upgrade to an SSD today!


If your programs are having a hard time running simultaneously then you might need to upgrade the capacity and speed of your RAM.

Upgrading your capacity to a minimum of 16GB will allow you to multitask and allow applications to run smoothly.


Operating System Corruption

Errθr codes and blue screens galore.

Let us reload your operating system fresh as if it were right out of the box and get you back in business!


Malicious infections will hold your computer hostage and can be a huge security risk!

Don’t fall for online tech support scammers, bring in your computer to us immediately and we will get your system cleaned up.


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