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About Us

Who is AWT?

AWT (Area Wide Technologies) started in 1999 providing IT services to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. As our staff grew over the years, so did our vast array of services.

We’ve since become a one-stop Technology Solutions Provider with services ranging from Turn-key Business IT to Consumer Electronics Repair.

Technology is ever-changing. A non-stop learning and adaptation process we all go through in hopes of a more convenient world.
We’ve been through it with you every step of this evolution –

all the good, and the bad.

It’s no secret how we’ve only provided quality and reliable services all this time.

It’s owed mostly to one of our values we’ve held since the beginning:
Remaining passionate, focused, and relentlessly committed to being at the head of the evolution of technology.

Why our partners choose us



Reports are provided on a monthly basis showing an IT snapshot for your organization

One-stop Tech Shop

With diversely skilled staff and decades of experience, AWT can offer services for all of your technology needs


Constant Communication

We keep you informed through every critical step of our efforts to support your IT infrastructure

Dedicated Support Teams

A team of technicians are dedicated to understanding your organization and how to provide the best support possible.


Fine Tuned Support

We create unique action plans for every organization while educating administrators on their options along the way

Confidential & Secured

Every piece of information used to support an organization is kept in a highly secured digital vault with a need-to-know only access policy

Call us to learn more about how we can help make technology work better for you.