Business IT Services

Business IT & Computer Services

IT/Network Consulting

  • Business Network Design / Installation – A wired or wireless LAN, or Local Area Network, connects your company’s computers and allows them to share resources such as data, files and printers. If your office has multiple computers, you can gain tremendous benefit by networking them. We’ll design and construct the perfect network for you, and put your business into high gear.
  • Network Troubleshooting / Support / Repair – Are you having problems with your existing network? If your network is down or not functioning properly, it is difficult for your employees to be productive, which costs your business time and money. We’ll come to your office to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problems ailing your network. Let us get your business back on track!
  • Wireless Network Security – How safe is your wireless network? The default installation for most wireless networks does not include proper security. So unless you have taken deliberate steps to implement security, more than likely your network is at risk. We’ll come to your home and lock down your network, so you can keep unwanted hackers and other pesky intruders out by restricting access to only the computers of your choice.
  • Technology Planning – If you want to implement technology into your current business practices, but don’t know the best course of action, we will sit down with you to determine and document specific ways you can leverage technology in your business.
  • Data Network Wiring, Installation & Termination – Whether you need just one wire dropped or entire network cabling job…no job is too small. Let our technicians handle all of your cabling needs. All of our installs are properly tested and terminated.

Cloud Services

“Cloud computing” is accessing your programs, data and applications on the Internet! AWT Support are experts at cloud computing.

Why plug-in to the Cloud?

  • Scalability – you buy the “space” you need. As you grow, you can increase your storage space.
  • Remote Access – accessible from anywhere, anytime!
  • Automatic Updates & Maintenance
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Cost – you pay for only what you use! You do not need to make an extensive hardware investment. Less IT maintenance needed!

More and more technologies are moving into the cloud. Are you ready to take that next step? Call us today to learn more!

VOIP Phone Systems

  • Business VoIP services are significantly less expensive than traditional phone services.
  • More flexible with more features
  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility – VoIP users can take their adapters anywhere, making it possible to hold telephone conversations at venues that offer an Internet connection. An increase in mobility assists individuals who are always on the move, especially corporate employees who are required to travel.
  • Integration and collaboration with other applications – able to integrate or collaborate with other applications such as email, web browser, instant messenger, social-networking applications, and so on. The integration and collaboration create synergy and provide valuable services to the users. Typical examples are voicemail delivery via email, click-to-call service on a website, voice call button on an email, presence information on a contact list, and so on.

Firewalls / Internet Security

  • Virus / Spyware / Adware Protection, Scan and Removal – Is your computer running extremely slow or acting a bit strange? Chances are it got infected with a virus or worm, or is loaded down with spyware and adware. Whether a hacker or identity thief has infected your computer or email with Trojans, malware, or other nasty enemies, we can repair and prevent future infections. We will thoroughly scan your entire hard drive and remove every trace of unwanted junk that slows down your computer and threatens the confidentiality of your personal and private information.
  • Internet Content Filtering – Don’t let your employees take advantage of their Internet privileges! When employees spend too much time on irrelevant or obscene websites, it decreases productivity and costs organizations, like yours, time and money. We come to your business, help you purchase, install, and configure Internet filtering software that blocks access to irrelevant and obscene websites, prevents your employees from spending too much time online, and more. We then give you a personalized training session on how to use the software.

Server Maintenance – Server Administration, Management & Care

  • Server Tune-Ups and Optimization – Let’s face it – without monitoring & maintenance your server becomes increasingly sluggish, vulnerable, and cluttered. We’ll optimize your server with hundreds of system tweaks and enhancements. We’ll also perform several critical system updates, maintenance tasks, and repairs that will correct hard drive problems, clean and optimize your system registry, find and fix stubborn system errors, and more. Let us keep your server running smooth, fast, and error free!
  • Physical Cleaning – When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your computer – inside and outside? If it has been awhile (or never!), then you need our physical cleaning service. Experts recommend that you clean your computer every 3-6 months. Removing dust, pet hair, and smoke buildup is essential for keeping your computer functioning at it’s peak, and even extends the life of your computer by allowing it to cool itself properly. Let us come out and give your computer the ultimate cleaning; we’ll remove the dust particles from all the fans & crevices inside your computer case, spray your keyboard and mouse with compressed air, and shine up your monitor. Your computer will look and run like new again!

Data Services

  • Data Recovery – Losing critical data can have devastating effects on the financial, legal, and productivity aspects of your business. A staggering 60% of all businesses that have suffered catastrophic data loss never fully recover. Let us help you recover from disaster and prevent your business from becoming a statistic! Whether you’ve lost your data due to accidental deletion, damage caused by a power surge, corruption brought on by a virus or worm, the “formatting” or “fdisking” of your hard drive, or even an entire system crash, we can get your valuable data back. The types of data we can help you recover include email, documents, spreadsheets, system files, databases, and more. We can also recover data from CD and DVD media, memory cards, and other portable devices.
  • Secure Online Data Backup – How safe is your critical data? Unexpected catastrophes like hard disk failure, accidental file deletion, virus infection, fire, and theft happen frequently to businesses every day. It is absolutely essential that your business performs backups of all your critical data to protect your business in case the unimaginable occurs. Protect your data with our Secure Online backup.
  • Data Migration – Is your business looking to upgrade to new computers? If so, you’ll need to transfer the data from your old computers and servers to your new ones. With our data migration service we can help you do just that.
  • Secure Data Deletion – Don’t get caught giving away your confidential data! If your business is selling, donating, or otherwise getting rid of its old computers (or even just upgrading hard drives), you must ensure that all your sensitive data is securely erased. Deleting files, or even formatting the entire hard drive, does NOT actually remove the data from your drive. All your old email, private business documents, customer databases, trade secrets, tax returns, passwords and more still exist on the drive. With a little know-how these files are easily recoverable, and can lead to identity theft of your business or your employees. With our secure data deletion service we can wipe your entire hard drive, or even just a few files or folders, so that the data is completely destroyed and 100% gone with absolutely no possibility of it being recovered.
  • Data Recovery Strategies and Disaster Planning – Have you ever worried about what would happen if your business suddenly lost all of its data? Would you be able to recover? Don’t become part of the 60% of businesses that are unable to recuperate from catastrophic data loss. Let us help you plan for, and be able to recover from any catastrophe.

Hardware Support

  • Hardware Install / Upgrade / Repair – We can install or upgrade any internal or external hardware device on your desktop or laptop computer. Examples of hardware devices that we install or upgrade include: Solid State or disk hard drives, RAM (memory), CPU (processor), motherboards, fans & liquid cooling, wireless cards, video cards, monitors, Blu-Ray drives, DVD-ROM drives, CD/DVD burners, sound cards, speakers, webcams, digital cameras, CMOS batteries, external storage drives, and more.
  • Hardware Inventory – We take inventory of all your current technology devices, and prepare a printed report for your records. This report is handy for insurance purposes and curtailing employee theft.

Software Support

  • Operating System Installation – If you’re ready to upgrade to the latest operating system or if you want a fresh installation of your current operating system, we can help you wade through the process. We will come to your home and install, or reinstall, Microsoft Windows and all critical updates onto your desktop or laptop. This service includes formatting, or clearing off, your hard drive which makes your system run smoother and brings it back up to speed. We are specialists in all Windows versions including Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003, Exchange 2007, 2003, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista and XP…We also support Mac Operating systems!
  • Install / Upgrade / Repair Software – We can install, upgrade, or repair one software title or suites and all critical updates on any desktop, laptop or server. Examples of software suites include: Microsoft Office, Internet Security packages, etc. High-speed Internet required for critical update installation. Software suite not included.
  • Software License Audit – We survey each one of your computers to determine the number of software licenses installed. If the number of installed licenses is greater than the number of licenses purchased, we will help you develop a plan to come into compliance with licensing laws.
  • Custom Software Development – Are you struggling to find software that does exactly what you need? If your business is in need of a custom software solution, we can help! We’ll work with you to craft the perfect solution that store-bought software just can’t provide.

PC Help

  • PC Troubleshooting / Diagnostics – Does your PC freeze up, crash, or run extremely slow? Are there clicking or loud noises coming from your machine? Has your Internet come to a crawl or do you constantly get bombarded by error messages or blue screens? Don’t let your PC problems drive you crazy; call us instead! We will troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your software, hardware, Internet, email, operating system, and more. Through a series of system tests and diagnostic checks, we’ll get to the root of your problem and advise you on the best possible solution.

As you can see we offer a wide range of IT systems and computer support including computer repair, IT consulting, and general network help so if you cannot find what you are looking for on this page contact us anyway. We can help!

We’ll come to you for Wylie computer system repair or Greenville IT network service. We’re just as ready to provide Garland managed IT services or be onsite in Mesquite small business IT management. Whatever the small business information technology integration you need, we’re there for you.

Check out our Computer Service and Support Plans if your business needs regular IT/Computer service and support.