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An IT benchmark test designed to deeply understand your organization’s infrastructure weak points.

Getting your IT Score

60-Minute IT Checklist

Learn the truth about your Technology Systems in a one-hour free consultation.
Your IT Score will help you answer questions like:

How much money is spent on poor IT practices?

Is my company using technology efficiently?

Are we aware of the digital threats facing our organization and how they affect us?

Do we adequately staff IT personnel?

What does it cover?

The type of things we will look at in your IT Checklist:

      • Digital security practices
      • Software and digital service licensing
      • Workstation and other hardware performance ratings
      • Data continuity services and practices
      • HIPPA compliance for medical professionals
      • PCI compliance for credit card processing
      • And More

What does it do for my organization?

How much time do you spend doing IT-related tasks? Things like software updates, virus scans, data backups, license renewals, security audits, and more… Are these things even getting done? 
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We offer our IT Score Consultation service free of charge in an effort to help provide awareness and education of the risks carried with poorly managed IT. We guarantee that you will walk away completely satisfied with the assessment performed.

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We’ll expose your IT weak points together, before hackers do.

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