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Switching From an Old Email to Microsoft Email

This document will explain the process of replacing an old email service with Microsoft email.
If your organization has recently switched from any email provider to Microsoft, this guide will instruct you on how to continue accessing and using your email.
Google email is the example used here referenced as the “previous email provider.”

Webmail Access

Webmail access is when you access your email via the web browser.
E.g. You have an email ( that you access by opening your web browser and navigating to
Microsoft webmail is available at
Simply navigate to this web page and enter in your Microsoft account credentials to start accessing your email.

Outlook for Desktop

Outlook for desktop is a program that is installed directly onto your computer. The Outlook App retains your email credentials and allows you to simply launch the program to access your email. It is a easier, more feature-rich, and more accessible way of accessing and managing email.
The Outlook App on your computer will look much like this: 
This section assumes you are currently using the Outlook desktop program where you need to remove the existing account and adding a new one. You might need to do this if your company has recently switched from one email provider to another (moving from Google to Microsoft for example).
****If you are a part of an Azure Active Directory (or for some other reasons), your email might auto discover and auto-add; making the steps below unnecessary****

Launch the Outlook desktop program.

Navigate to the File Menu in the top left corner of Outlook.

Select the Account Settings button to show a dropdown menu
In the dropdown menu, choose Manage Profiles

Another window will appear titled Mail Setup – Outlook containing 3 options.
Email Accounts…
Data Files…
Show Profiles…
Select Show Profiles…
Mailsetup outlook

A new window will appear titled Mail
Inside, should be listed at least 1 Profile, normally named “Outlook
We will not be deleting this profile yet.
For now, select the Add… button

Type a profile name in the field that appears (any short name will do), and select OK

Another window should appear titled Add Account
Here you will enter your name and email address provided by your organization, along with the email password (you may not be asked for a password).

Once the email is successfully authenticated, return to the Mail window from the previous steps that lists the Outlook profiles.
Select the dropdown for Always use this profile and select the name of the profile you created.

Click OK to close the window

Close Outlook if it is still open and reopen it.
The program will now load with your new profile and start synchronizing your available email from the mail server.
Once Outlook has loaded, check that everything looks normal
  1. Is email sending and receiving?
  2. Are Contacts and Calendar items showing up?
  3. Are signatures, rules, or other settings working?
If all is working well, you can delete the original profile seen in the previous step in the Mail window.
Contact your manager or administrator for assistance.
You can also contact AWT Support at or by email at
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